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Airplane Wing

My name is Parker Davis. I have been blessed to be involved in aviation for most of my life. From flight instruction, to some corporate flying, to being an airline pilot, and most recently a Designated Pilot Examiner, I have experienced all types of flying. I am truly an advocate for safe aviation. “Pass My Practical” is an opportunity for those pilots facing an FAA practical exam to experience just what is involved before taking their practical and experience the requirements for that particular practical before it becomes a “jeopardy” event. If I can help a pilot pass their practical by making them a better prepared, safer, more competent pilot for whatever rating they are seeking, then I have succeeded in my goal, especially if I can assist in making them a better, safer pilot. I have administered over a thousand practicals both at the airline level and for general aviation. I realize just how expensive everything involving aviation training is, but if I can help you overcome some anxiety about your practical by administering a “mock practical”, and potentially offering some additional training to enhance your readiness, please contact me and let us see if I can help you with your practical. It just may save you some headache, heartache, and money.

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